The Day I Met Magnum

A few weeks ago I managed to get myself onto the Magnum Quiz night in Shoreditch, East London. It was more by luck than judgement. 

I spent an evening talking with a few people, but notably Peter Van Agtmael. I love Peters work and have followed his stuff for a number of years. Disco Nights is one of the greatest books I have ever seen.

I also met Martin Parr, bought his book, had a conversation and asked him about shooting in general. His golden rule is "shoot more crap photos".... You have to shoot crap ones to get good ones. In the same evening I met Abbas and many other great photographers.

The highlight for me is most definitely walking into a back room to find the man who I think is the greatest photographer of all time - Alec Soth. Guess what he was doing? Playing Ping Pong. I got photos to prove it.

I got Alec to sign his book for me and I look star struck. Like a goon.