The Day I Met Peter van Agtmael (again)....

The Barbican in London have been hosting a monthly symposium in conjunction with Magnum. The latest one that I attended was hosted by Ossian Ward who was talking with Donovan Wylie and Peter van Agtmael.

Firstly, Donovan's stuff shot in Ireland is brilliant. Recent American project? Shocking. Terrible. WTF!? I am lost... He seems to have done that thing that some photographers do (and artists) when they take themselves too seriously. He has disappeared up his own bottom.

Peter on the other hand, well he was talking about his latest work, a wonderful book titled Buzzing At The Sill. This book is just magnificent. Double page spreads of the most beautiful of beautiful images. 

"Buzzing at the Sill is Magnum photographer Peter van Agtmael's work about coming home from years of covering war in Iraq and Afghanistan and trying to understand his experiences and his country. The work is a stew of reflections on war, memory, militarism, identity, race, class, family, surrealism, and the landscape. 

It is a sequel to Disco Night Sept. 11, van Agtmael's previous book that was shortlisted for the Paris Photo/Aperture Book Award and was named a Book of the Year by the New York Times Magazine, Time, Vogue and American Photo, amongst others."

I met Peter the first time in the summer of 2016. I shared a table with him and amongst others Mimi Mollica (Terra Nostra), we were on a Magnum quiz night. 

We were terrible. Please see inside the cover of Peters book that he kindly signed...

Ps - Peter has a pet name for me now.